Episode 4: Getting Started (with guest Judyth Hill)

What keeps us from getting started on our creative projects? We have great ideas, but then we keep putting them off. In this episode, we explore how to dance with high expectations and paralysis of analysis. We talk about tricks for getting yourself past square one, and we have an outrageously good interview with poet, editor and writing coach Judyth Hill in which we ask her two questions: 1) How do you get started, and 2) What do you do when that doesn’t work? Her answers will supercharge your starting batteries!

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It was a gray day when we went out … tough to get started! But we were rewarded with a perfect sunny ski day!

Episode Notes

Judyth Hill, Poet, Editor and Writing Coach

5 thoughts on “Episode 4: Getting Started (with guest Judyth Hill)

  1. Thank you, my beloved friend and commadre Rosemerrry, and my new friend, Christie, for inviting me to have this juicy & passionate conversation with you!
    It was SO delicious to dive into poetry process with two such brilliant women and extraordinary writers!
    I just caught up on all your inspiring podcasts, subscribed & look forward to listening to every word!

    1. Judyth, you are aaaaahhhmazing! I loved listening to this again! By the way, I am also popcorn with yeast and salt obsessed! We’re getting such great positive feedback about your interview! xoxo! rosemerry

  2. Loved listening to this on a snowy Saturday morning. Great job girls and thanks for sharing Judyth Hill ….her words and insight super powerful!!

    1. Thanks, Corinna! Judyth is a wonder woman!!! I should have mentioned that one of the other best ways to get started is to partner with a friend and do the creative act collaboratively! You and I know all about that way to get started! Actually … an upcoming episode is on collaboration …xoxo rosemerry

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