Episode 7: Creative Habits (with guest Helen Fields)

What can you do to evolve your creativity? How do your practices fuel or sabotage your muse? In this episode of Emerging Form, we talk about creative habits—frequency, accountability, flexibility and more. We’ll cover Rosemerry’s four promises she makes for her daily practice, Christie’s philosophy on not taking yourself too seriously, a new approach for meeting a blank page, the underbellies of bugs and much more. At the end of the program, we invite science writer, artist, knitter and singer Helen Fields to join us in our game of two questions: 1) How do you prioritize time for your creative habit? And 2) When do you know it is time to evolve a habit—how do you know if it’s not serving you anymore?

Episode Notes

Christie’s blog posts on Last Word on Nothing

Article about Rosemerry’s Poem a Day Practice 

Helen Fields, Science Writer

Helen’s blog posts at Last Word on Nothing and sketches on Instagram

Cameron Walker interviews Helen about drawing

Helen’s sketch of Christie in the writer’s cone of shame



3 thoughts on “Episode 7: Creative Habits (with guest Helen Fields)

  1. It was really fun to listen to three women discuss some of their creative processes.

    I agree that it’s important to release expectations when you embark on your creative endeavor. Especially the ones we commit to on a regular basis. Rosemerry has been a great influence for me as I’ve been writing a daily poem and sending it off for nearly a year. I’m also a yoga teacher with my own daily practice. Yoga is very creative for me as well. I’ve been practicing for 27 years almost daily. What has kept me coming back to the mat is how wonderful I feel after I begin and how I lose myself in the practice. My daily poems are the same for me.

    Thanks for the podcasts!

    1. Maria, thank you so much for this great feedback! And I love that you are writing and sending the daily poems … way to go. And yes, Yoga is most certainly a creative practice. Thanks for this compelling reason why we continue … because of how we feel. How it serves us as we serve it … big hugs to you, Rosemerry

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